It’s a fact: Once your customers have tried Gelato, they’ll never want to eat ice cream again. Compared to North American ice cream, Gelato is noticeably creamier and better-tasting overall, despite being much lighter from a fat standpoint. If you taste both, you’ll agree that the Italians have truly perfected the frozen dessert, particularly if you understand the difference between the two products.

Ice creams achieve their creamy taste by way of almost sickeningly-high fat content. To legally be called ice cream, a fat content of at least 10%is is actually required, although that number is generally much higher. During the manufacturing process, ice cream is churned / whipped to introduce air. This process is called ‘overrun’ and is intended to falsely increase the volume of ice creams by 50% to as much as 90%.This is why ice cream is sold by volume and not by weight. Gelato, on the other hand, has much less fat and air churned-in. The fact that gelato achieves a richer taste despite the ‘cheating’ of ice cream manufacturers is testimony to the fact that Gelato is truly superior in all respects to the ice cream products available to North American consumers.