Oils and sauces

For the purpose of importing gourmet olive oils, we deal directly with a Sicilian olive farmer named Dominico Bonanno. Bonanno produces not only olives and delicate extra virgin olive oil but also delicious jams, marmalades, pestos and a variety of other exquisite, home-made delicacies. Everything is produced on Dominico Bonanno’s farm, using traditional techniques, which have been handed-down over generations.

Of course, Trey also imports Bonanno’s infused or aromatized artisanal olive oils. These are flavored naturally with ingredients all produced locally on Bonanno farms and blended only with the finest of his 100% extra-virgin olive oil.

Bonanno’s extra-virgin olive oil is sold in 750 ml bottles, while his lemon, orange and mandarin varieties are available in a 250ml size.