Pastries: Sfogliatella

Commonly understood to be of Neapolitan origin, sfogliatella was in fact first made in the monastery of Santa Rosa, in Italy’s Salerno province. It wasn’t until 1818 that a pastry chef from Naples acquired the original recipe. Its legendary taste and texture quickly made it a favorite all around Italy.

This light, flaky delicacy with ricotta-based filling is a true staple of Italian pastry lovers. In Canada, sfogliatella has traditionally been available only in specialty Italian bakeries. Trey is pleased to have finally made authentic, Italian-made sfogliatella available to the Canadian marketplace on a large scale. One taste and you’ll immediately know why this traditional Italian favorite is one of our best-selling products that your customers will thank you for serving.

Pastries: Apolle (lobster tails)

Made from the same type of light, flaky dough as the sfogliatella, apolle (and the smaller format apollini) have a distinctive lobster-tail shape and are instead filled with pastry cream, as opposed to sfogliatella’s ricotta-based filling. This is another traditional Italian favorite that Trey imports in great quantities.

Pastries: Cronuts

In addition to the wide range of viennoiseries, croissants and other pastries imported by Trey, the cronut is a recent American creation, which caused quite a stir in the pastry world upon its introduction in 2013. Basically a doughnut-shaped flaky croissant pastry, cronuts are fried, sugared, filled with a creamy pastry filling and finally glazed to produce a sinfully delicious treat for any pastry lover. Trey’s longstanding relationship with legendary Italian pastry chefs resulted in an exclusive European supply of this treat, produced overseas by Italian pastry chefs and made even better with European quality ingredients. Cronuts are one of our best-selling products, which are sure to wow your customers and keep them coming back for more.