Pastry components: Cannoli shells

Cannolis are a staple of Sicilian cuisine. The word ‘cannolo’ literally translated from Sicilian is ‘little tube’. This sinfully delicious pastry is becoming increasingly popular in Canada and consists of a small tube-shaped pastry dough which is fried and stuffed with a light ricotta-based pastry cream. Trey has established relationships with Sicilian producers of cannoli shells, allowing our customers to offer delicious authentic Sicilian cannoli by simply adding their own filling. Making a ricotta filling is a snap and as such, these exquisite little treats are a best seller for Trey and our valued customers.

Pastry components: Babas

Babas are a traditional dry pastry, consisting of a small yeast cake soaked in a liqueur or rum and optionally filled with a pastry cream. First made in Poland as a dry cake, France would later make it mainstream by soaking it in rum. As with our cannoli shells, Trey lets you decide which style of baba you wish to serve your customers by providing you with the authentic yeast cake, leaving you to simply choose what liqueur and / or filling to use to complete this old-country delicacy.