Naples is widely regarded as ‘the international hub’ for gourmet foods. Trey has spent considerable amounts of time in Naples sourcing local suppliers of authentic Neapolitan pizza crusts which can be dressed here, as well as pizzas pre-dressed with delicious Italian tomato sauces, vegetables and other types of toppings. Be prepared though – the difference in taste and quality will spoil you for any bland, commercial pizza offerings here in North America. The difference is so remarkable that we’ve been jokingly told (we’re not 100% sure it was a joke) by one of our clients that if you try the pizza products we import from Italy, you’ll fire your chefs.

For a restaurant that wants to stand-out or for upscale retail food outlets, Trey’s impressive range of gourmet Neapolitan frozen pizza products will dazzle your customer’s taste buds, each and every time.